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Continuing Education Course registration for the Winter 2024 term is available now on this website. > Part-time Programs & Professional Learning > Business > Supply Chain & Logistics

Introduction to Supply Chain and Operations Management (Retail Operations) [CSCG68]   

A Supply Chain is a network of organizations that are involved in the different processes and activities that produce value in the form of products and services in the hands of the ultimate customer or consumer.  Operations Management is one of the three major functions of a business, along with Marketing and Accounting / Finance, and focuses on designing, creating, and improving goods and services.  Understanding key Supply Chain and Operations Management foundations is crucial to any company's success and profitability.  This introductory course will expose students to topics related to how products and services are created and delivered to the customer. Required text is embedded in course.
  • Introduction to Supply Chain and Operations Management (Retail Operations) [CSCG68]
  • Fee: $410.55
    Delivery: Online - OntarioLearn
    Course Code: CSCG68
    Dates: 1/16/2024 - 4/23/2024
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