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Managerial Accounting III [CSDU187]   

Managerial Accounting is a continuation of cost accounting concepts. In the initial courses, students learned how to accumulate product costs and how to plan for and control the routine operations of an organization. In this course, the emphasis is on using management accounting techniques to aid management in the planning, directing and controlling of an enterprise. This includes such topics as cost allocations, methods of evaluating managerial performance, negotiated transfer prices, quality costs, relevant costs for decision making, and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: Cost Accounting 1 and Cost Accounting 2. Textbook required.


  • Managerial Accounting III [CSDU187]
  • Fee: $514.64
    Delivery: Online - OntarioLearn
    Course Code: CSDU187
    Dates: 5/10/2022 - 8/16/2022
    Course hours: 56
    Credits: 4.00

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