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Medical Keyboarding [CSLA10]   

This is NOT a learn to type course.  This course is designed to familiarize the user with beginning medical keyboarding, advanced keyboarding, medical language, grammatical and office skills. It includes case histories, a variety of medical reports, technical terminology and timed writings.  These exercises will help the learner increase their knowledge of terms they will encounter on-the-job, and will improve their keyboarding speed and accuracy.  A very brief introduction to Medical Transcription is included.  This course is a prerequisite for the Beginning Medical Transcription course. Prerequisite: Students need minimum keyboarding skills of 30 net words per minute with 5 or less errors. Students with keyboarding skills less than this need to improve their skills prior to registering for this course.   Medical Terminology course can be taken concurrently. Textbook required. Software Required: A fee for course software for timings (Windows compatible) and the manual will be required when the instructor gives the link to access the required manual and software for the course. It is approximately $75. MAC users will be provided information on the method required to do timed writings.
  • Medical Keyboarding [CSLA10]
  • Fee: $410.55
    Delivery: Online - OntarioLearn
    Course Code: CSLA10
    Dates: 9/10/2024 - 12/17/2024
    Course hours: 45
    Credits: 3.00

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