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Taxation 1 [CSSL68]   

This is an introductory course to federal income tax in a Canadian setting. Students will gain an understanding of the underlying objectives and principles of income taxation. Topics include employment income, business income, income from property, investment income and capital gains. Personal tax returns for individuals will be completed both manually and using a tax preparation software program. Prerequisite: Accounting Basics 1 and Accounting Basics 2. Textbook required.
Software Required: Excel. This course is not for MAC users. Please note the tax software used is only available in a Windows PC version at this time.


  • Taxation 1 [CSSL68]
  • Fee: $410.39
    Delivery: Online - OntarioLearn
    Course Code: CSSL68
    Dates: 6/1/2022 - 9/7/2022
    Course hours: 45
    Credits: 3.00

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