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Continuing Education Course registration for the Summer2024 term is available now on this website. > Part-time Programs & Professional Learning > Social Sciences > Behaviour Management

Treating Challenging Behaviours [CSSE41]   

The student will be introduced to a variety of procedures used to assess and treat challenging behaviours presented by individuals with autism / Autism Spectrum Disorder. The topics covered will include functional behavioural assessment and functional analysis and scientifically validated techniques for the treatment of challenging behaviours, e.g., stereotypy, pica, aggression, self-injury, etc. Emphases will be placed on ethical considerations such as the utilization of the least intrusive, least restrictive model and "effective treatment". Techniques covered will include antecedent control strategies, schedules of reinforcement, extinction, differential reinforcement strategies, social stories, desensitization procedures, and decelerative procedures. NOTE: Acceptance into the Autism and Behavioural Science Graduate Certificate program is required prior to registering. Contact Louise Chatterton Luchuk at 613-544-5400 ext. 1093 for more information. This course has mandatory chats and mandatory group work. Pre-Requisite: Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis, Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specialized Instructional Strategies, Ethics and Professionalism, and Behavioural Skill Building. Textbook required.

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