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Continuing Education Course registration for the Summer2024 term is available now on this website. > Part-time Programs & Professional Learning > Communications > Digital/Social Media

Digital Marketing [CSDU228]   

This course focuses on the latest in digital based marketing tools and strategies including: search engine optimization, website analytics, social media platforms, and mobile communications. The main focus will be to enable students to develop and implement integrated marketing campaigns and strategies by leveraging multiple digital marketing platforms in a simulated Business-to-Consumer (B2C) environment. This course has mandatory chats. Prerequisite: Marketing 2. No textbook required. 
Software Required: Students must purchase access to the simulation platform which is a mandatory requirement of the course. The online faciltator will email a direct link to each student at the beginning of the course to make the purchase. The cost is $60 USD.


  • Digital Marketing [CSDU228]
  • Fee: $410.55
    Delivery: Online - OntarioLearn
    Course Code: CSDU228
    Dates: 5/14/2024 - 8/20/2024
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