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Continuing Education Course registration for the Winter 2024 term is available now on this website. > Part-time Programs & Professional Learning > Social Sciences > Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy [CSMO199]   

This course will provide students with an introduction to philosophy as well as an opportunity to examine and discuss issues that are widely debated amongst philosophers. Issues such as skepticism, free-will and the existence of a God will play prominent roles in this course. Students will examine classical and modern philosophers as they struggled with their own thoughts as they were compared to more accepted religious and scientific theories. Readings will focus upon philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Locke and Descartes, as well as more prominent contemporary philosophers Robert Nozick, Hilary Putnam and Thomas Nagel. Students will be introduced to philosophical arguments and the forms and methods in which arguments should be conducted and analyzed.

Textbook required.

*NOTE: Students wanting to register for a General Education course as part of their Full time certificate/diploma program should make sure to receive formal approval from their Program Coordinator. It should be noted that some general education courses are too close to the vocational specializations of specific programs and are therefore excluded as an option for students. It’s therefore important to receive formal approval before registration.

  • Introduction to Philosophy [CSMO199]
  • Fee: $410.55
    Delivery: Online - OntarioLearn
    Course Code: CSMO199
    Dates: 1/16/2024 - 4/23/2024
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