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Global Positioning Systems [CSMO34]  

This course begins with an overview of events and technologies that led to the development of GPS. With an emphasis on the space, control and user segments of GPS, you will learn about GPS satellites and the information and signals they transmit, types of receivers and the fundamentals of how they work, and what GPS can be used for. Topics covered include accuracy and positioning, the types of signals employed by both military and civilian users, the nature of errors associated with using GPS, absolute and differential techniques used to reduce error, considerations when collecting data using GPS, and the importance of mission planning. An introduction to other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS's) is provided. GPS modernization, augmented GPS, current applications and future trends are also discussed. The use of a GPS receiver is NOT required for this course. Prerequisites: Introduction to GIS - Experience working with shapefiles and an understanding of datums, projections and vector data model would be VERY helpful. Software required: The required program for the course is ArcGIS Pro, which is available for download at no additional cost through the course. ArcGIS Pro can only be installed on Windows-based computers.No textbook required.


Global Positioning Systems [CSMO34]

Course Code: CSMO34

Date: 9/8/2020-12/15/2020

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