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Continuing Education Course registration for the Winter 2024 term is available now on this website. > Part-time Programs & Professional Learning > Business > Entrepreneurship & Fundraising

Entrepreneurism and Program Management Development (CSFA91)   

This course explores the roles of the entrepreneur in career development orientated organizations and the entrepreneur working in the private sector. Students will access their own entrepreneurial traits and explore strategies for entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial endeavors. Researching various sources will encourage the identification of opportunities and development of critical idea generation abilities. Market research techniques and marketing strategies will be developed at a micro-individual level and macro-agency or private business level. This course will enhance the ability of the learner to recognize client employability in various settings, negotiate placements in the hidden job market and design effective follow-up strategies to provide appropriate support to both employees and employers. Operational and financial planning will be examined. Students will prepare a business plan for a consulting practice or funding proposal for a career development program. Textbook required.

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