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Introduction to Piping and Tubing Systems (Module 3D)   

This course covers the Gas Trade 3 required module 8.

Students gain an understanding of piping and tubing systems installation. They learn to identify and use pipe cutters, reamers, pipe dies, benders, and other tools required to join and install natural gas and propane tubing and piping. Students work with ABS and copper pipe to perform pressure tests. Using the installation code as a reference, students select piping and tubing for use in water service and investigate purge points in a system. Prerequisites: GENI 2405-Foundations in Gas Technician (Module 3A), GENI 5031-Safe Handling and Gas Appliances (Module 3B) & GENI 5030-Introduction to Electricity for Gas Technician (Module 3C) 

Requirements: Students are required to wear CSA approved safety footwear, protective eye wear and have small hand tools for lab work. Students are responsible for purchasing the Gas Trade 3 training module 8.

NOTE: Students are required to maintain a minimum grade of 75% in both the practical and theory components of the program to meet TSSA requirements. A minimum of 80% attendance is required.


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