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Continuing Education Course registration for the Summer2024 term is available now on this website. > Skilled Trades > Gas Technician > Gas Technician 2 & 3 Courses

Domestic Appliance Technician 2 (Module 2C)   

This course covers the Gas Trade 2 required modules 13,14, and 16.
Students explore the relationship (positive and negative) between the key components of a building system, the external/internal factors that affect the building system, and ways to minimize a negative impact to the integrity of a building. Students examine many industry topics including, but not limited to heat, moisture and airflow; construction types; energy conservation; mechanical systems; ventilation/filtration systems; moisture barriers and sealing techniques; and the fundamentals of installation, operation and repair of propane/natural gas appliances.

Requirements: Students are required to wear CSA approved safety footwear, protective eye wear and bring small hand tools to work in the lab. Students are responsible for purchasing the Gas Trade 2 training modules, 13,14 & 16.

NOTE: Students are required to maintain a minimum grade of 75% in both the practical and theory components of the program to meet TSSA requirements. A minimum of 80% attendance is required.


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