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SLC+ Continuing Education > Certificates, Diplomas & Micro-credentials > Micro-credentials > Machine Operator/Tester - Working with Steel

Machine Operator/Tester: Heat Treat (Theory)   

How does heat change a metal? Take a look at a heat treat oven and learn to harden, quench, and temper metals. You'll look at the process of heating carbon steels. This course will also show you how to test metals. You'll examine the tensile and hardness testing process. Looking at the grain structure of metals in a microscope will help you understand metal inspection.

  • Machine Operator/Tester: Heat Treat (Theory)
  • Micro-credential: Machine Operator/Tester
    Fee: $98.00
    Delivery: Online
    Course Hours: 15*
    Course Code: MACH8005MC
    Dates/Times:  Continuous entry
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    *Estimated hours to complete this course.