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Continuing Education Course registration for the Summer2024 term is available now on this website. > Health & Wellness > RPN to BScN Bridging > Option 1: Interactive Classroom (MS Teams)

Microbiology Health Sciences   

This course introduces students to the field of microbiology.  Students learn about the fundamental aspects of bacteria including structure, classification, microbial growth, and genetics as well as methods of sterilization disinfection. Students discuss epidemiology of diseases, extent of host involvement, and tools of pathogenicity. There is discussion of viruses, fungi and protozoa of medical importance. Students learn about foundational laboratory techniques required for microbiology diagnosis including microscopic identification of bacteria, bacterial culture, Gram staining and antibiotic sensitivity testing. Textbook required.  

  • Microbiology Health Sciences
  • Fee: $517.00
    Delivery: Online
    Course Code: MICR1000
    Dates: 5/7/2024 - 8/13/2024
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